• Spread the awareness for Benefit of Kids
  • Imparting intellectual Knowledge and Education
  • Building Strong mental foundation to the next generation
  • Create and have FUN with numbers
  • One on One Lessons / Small Batches of similar skills or Age Groups
  • Online Tutoring (Flexibility for Students – Available 24X7 without stepping out from house)
  • Organize after school Math Clubs

  • Growth, promotion, development, enhancement of regular learning through the concepts of Vedic Maths techniques in the curriculum of basic school maths.
  • Generation of further interest in students to adapt the Vedic Maths techniques in the advanced levels of competitive school maths.
  • Spread the concepts of Vedic Maths in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in around other neighbouring countries of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg which are part of Europe.
  • Continue enhancing the skills and concepts of Vedic Maths so as to pass on them among the students, parents, professionals, teachers, educational institutions and many more including all members of community.
  • Develop relations between Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and India for the further awareness and development of Vedic Maths in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in around other neighbouring  of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg which are part of Europe.

Vedic Maths Forum Luxembourg aims to realize the hidden potential of a student and develop his mental abilities faculties whereby eliminating the fear of Mathematics completely through high speed Vedic Maths concepts.
The focus is on creating Mathematical interest among students and improving their overall academic performance by strengthening their basic fundamentals of mathematics.

Our goal is to turn your child into a successful and independent learner by taking advantage of this amazing system called "Vedic Maths"

Our Goal

Vedic Maths Luxembourg will be promoting concepts of Vedic Mathematics and Regular School Mathematics in Luxembourg and in neighbouring countries of Europe.

We will be conducting interactive awareness discussion sessions, seminars, workshops, talks, maths clubs, webinars, online presentations to spread the idea of Vedic Mathematics based on the works of Tirthaji and to raise the standards of numeracy world-wide.

What we will do ?

How we will do ?

We Aim for :

Our Founder's

The current Math Methods are not helping students in Luxembourg to rise on “PISA” rankings, as compared to other European and Global countries.
There is a need for alternate methods which simplifies the concepts for students when it is compared to conventional systems that has been followed from long.

Children suffer from Math-Phobia which results in decline of numeracy levels in the country.
Question is that instead of making kids LOVE the maths they HATE, why can’t we make math they would love to LEARN ?

Our Mission

Maths techniques and concepts that are missing are mostly the root cause of students falling behind in Maths.

Our mission in Vedic Maths Luxembourg is to make students LOVE maths, through its innovative teaching approach.

Shruti Tulsian is the Initial Founder of the Vedic Maths Luxembourg. She is an avid entrepreneur having robust working experience in New York and London. Shruti is passionate about education and is motivated by the desire to uplift students to help them realize their true potential. She believes that through Vedic Maths she will be able to make an impact by making Maths fun and interesting for the next generation by eradicating math phobia.

In her endeavor she is supported by her husband Anjani Ladia , who is equally passionate about Vedic Mathematics.

Why in Luxembourg ?

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