Vedic Math has Unique - Characteristics

  • 10 -15 times faster then conventional Maths.
  • A complete system comprising all the benefits of Mental Maths.
  • Develops Left & Right Sides of the brain.
  • Foolproof Checking-tool reduces scratch work & mistakes.
  • Cultivates an interest for number and eliminates their fear.
  • Easy to master and apply.
  • Removes boredom of prolonged hours of practice.
  • Complements to the Global School Curriculum.
  • Can be applied to ALL branches of Mathematics including :
    • Arithmetic
    • Geometry
    • Algebra
    • Calculus
    • Trigonometry

The Vedic Maths methods benefit for competitive exam aspirants like GMAT, SAT, CAT, NAPLAN, Gifted and Talented, PAT, ICAS Mathmatics test, etc.

  • Get Achievements by participating in World Maths Olympiads
  • Applications in IT – VLSI, Chip Designing etc.
  • Huge demand for Vedic Maths Skills globally.
  • Career as a Teacher – both offline + online
  • Expand the network of Vedic Math as Edupreneur

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Benefits of Vedic Maths ?