(Ages 3 Years - 7 Years) 

Young Kids

​​OFFLINE – Local Live Sessions

  •  Foundation Course: 1st Steps (Early Starters) - Introduction to Numbers & Maths Concepts through Games & Activities in a FUN and Playful Way….

               -  “Learn with Friends” (Min 2 – Max. 3 students)
               -   Private (1on1 personal sessions)

  • Regular School Maths

               -  “Study Buddies” (Min 2 – Max. 3 students) 
               -  Private Session (Study with your Siblings)   
               -  Private Session (Individual 1on1 sessions)

  • Re-learn your Maths Basics: Primary & Secondary Students  (10 hours package)

  • Learn Vedic Maths Techniques (15 hours Course):

             - For Kids & Young Pupil

             - For Adults

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Primary Students ONLY (Grade I to Grade VI)

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Are you Pregnant.... Will you be a "New MOM"... Children Inherit their intelligence from their mothers :

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  • Why not Learn Vedic Maths !!!

Our Courses & Services

ONLINE - 1on1 Live Personal Sessions

 For School & University Students: 

  • ​Learn Vedic Maths Techniques (15 hours Course)
  • Regular School Maths (Guidance and Teaching)

             - For Primary Students (Grade I to Grade VI)
             - For Secondary Students (Grade VII onwards)

  • Get Ready for Exams – Entrance Tests / Competitions / University Exams / Personal Assessments: (For Example: Pre-IB, IB, iGCSE, iAS and iA-Levels, SAT, GMAT, CAT, Any Other Exams etc.)
  • LYCEE Enterance Preparations (Athenne etc.)
  • EPSO Preparations

For Adults / Parents / Professionals:

  • Learn Vedic Maths Techniques (15 hours Course):
  • Make yourself Ready for Exams - (Example:  Bank Entrance exams etc.)​