Does you or your kids have Maths Phobia & Maths Fear ?

Do you feel they :

  • Struggle in Maths ?
  • Avoiding doing homework ?
  • Frustrated when not understanding maths concepts ?
  • Wants to get ahead, but feels more challenged ?
  • Does lots of Silly mistakes ?
  • Difficult to understand word problems ?
  • Unable to complete maths test in allocated time ?
  • Scared of numbers / theorems / formulas etc. ?

So, what are you waiting for? Try us Today !!

We provides professional tutoring services to children, regardless of their location. Our proven courses are based on Curriculum that is followed in All the Schools in Luxembourg, and are taught by real maths expert teachers utilizing the latest technologies.

  • Live One-to-one Tutoring : Tutoring is personalized to meet your child’s competency level and individual needs. Student can interact freely with teacher in our virtual classroom.
  • Learn from Home : No need to drive anywhere, our expert tutors teach live one-to-one online using latest technology i.e. Skype and virtual classroom. Your child can interact freely with teacher in our virtual classroom.
  • Requirements : A Desktop/Laptop computer, Broadband internet connection and Skype id
  • Flexible schedule : We will arrange the class timings that suits your child
  • Fast Improvement : Improvements of 20-40% in marks are expected with sufficient preparation

Please contact us for courses and its related pricing to get more details

How it Works ?