​​​​My daughter got another A+ on her math test! Shruti makes lesson fun and has great approach. Children learn not being forced which makes great effect on them- my son made me wait last time 15 min as he had to finish his work. She shares her knowledge with passion.​ - Ewelina Tabone

​​My 4 year old son just loves going to Maths introduction classes with Shruti Tulsian. She has so much patience for children and love what she is doing! His interest in numbers have increased immensely since then. - Coring Tay

​​Classes have helped my little girl to have fun with Maths. The tips and tricks the teacher teaches her help her to be faster and more confident with numbers. We were able to accommodate the classes on our tight time schedule and using skype and the digital online board makes it super easy to communicate. - Gretel Sardiñas Diaz

​My daughter loves her maths classes. She has gained confidence and gets to learn in a fun and friendly environment. No pressure but patience. Highly recommended! - Rosi Mercado Bustamante

My 6 yr old daughter seems to really enjoy her lesson with Shruti every Saturday. It's fun when learning math is really playing games. Shruti is so energetic and positive about teaching that i see my child just brightens up when she sees Shruti and displays her 'how to win the games today' look.  My child is no longer intimidated by maths. In fact, she is enjoying the weekly challenges the Shruti offers.  Highly recommended! - Winkie Choi

Our child enjoyed the lessons as they were balanced with learning and play which facilitated learning while having fun. We've seen a big progress within a short time and we will continue with the classes. - Anela Kyster

My 10 year old daughter immediately took to Shruti’s teaching methods and we’ve seen her grow in confidence and ability week by week. Thanks to Shruti, maths has started to become fun and less intimidating, through lessons which have been adapted to our daughter’s individual requirements and pace of learning. She is always happy to go to her lessons and has a sense of pride in seeing her progress. I would definitely recommend Shruti’s lessons. - Sally Schreurs

SUMMER CAMP -  Thanks for a really great week! Oscar was not keen on the idea of maths camp but he said "it was the best maths lesson ever", "fun" and.. "much better than expected!"  😀 Thank you! - Melissa Mahama ​​